Sunday Dinner… by Gloria

This weekend, we had a very special guest for dinner. My dad (who recently moved out of state) was in town. To welcome him back home, I decided to whip up a very special dinner. I prepared chicken cutlets, a nice big salad, and best of all delicious pasta & meatballs just the way my Grandma used to make! It is times like these that I truly treasure the things that I was able to learn from my family because their insight, recipes and so much more- will live on for generations to come. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

~ Chop up fresh parsley~

~Add parsley to chop meat: I used a blend of beef, veal and pork~

~ Add fresh pecorino romano cheese, salt, pepper and most importantly, eggs- they help to make your meatballs soft and fork-tender- and mix well~

 ~ Roll the mixture into medium-sized balls~

~ Cook in olive oil until golden brown and add to tomato sauce; let simmer for about 2  hours~


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