Bedroom Botanicals… by Gloria

~Creatively display different types of plants on various rows of shelving~

When we first moved into our apartment, the one thing we both knew for sure is that we wanted lots of plants scattered throughout. I found this a bit intimidating because I hardly ever cared for plants before and any attempt at it was, what I would call, unsuccessful at best. Beginning to care for plants can be comparable to preparing your first pot roast or baking your first cake- scary until you finally do it. With this in mind, I headed down to our local florist, a little Italian man, who recommended the best indoor plants and told me the secrets to keeping them alive and healthy. Here are a few photos of the plants in our bedroom. I knew I wanted to display them on shelves. These were the perfect choice, but they were unpainted, natural wood. I painted them white to fit our decor just right.

~Mix and match colorful fun planter pots~

~ I love this vintage inspired blue bird pot~


One thought on “Bedroom Botanicals… by Gloria

  1. Great idea!!The display is great!, love the way you put the shelves with the plants.
    I would love to wake up to that every morning. The beautiful plants in the different types of pots.
    Its always great to bring the nature in !!!!

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