Apartment Therapy… by Gloria

For me, having a home that I look forward to coming home to is a necessity. I’ve never been the type that longed for a newly constructed place, rather, I love the imperfections that come along with an apartment that’s a bit older. It gives the space a little “soul”, as I like to say. To minimize the appearance of the less than perfect walls, we opted to paint most of the rooms matte white (which is way more forgiving that semi- gloss). The railroad style allows for tons of sunlight, making the place bright and airy, and although we still have some work to do (like finding the perfect coffee table), it definitely feels like “home”.

~ I love a stark white wall- the one across from our couch doubles as an entertainment center- in lieu of a TV, a projector brings the movies right to our living room~


One thought on “Apartment Therapy… by Gloria

  1. Gloria- great space! Love the carpet and the design it has… supper chic

    Also, the wall looks really great with the three pictures!! and using matte white paint is a great way to minimize any walls that are not perfect.

    Thanks for posting !!

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