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Winter Warmers…by Gloria

I thought I’d start my blog with the things that make me happiest when the days are too short and the weather is cold. This weekend, my boyfriend and I left the city for some suburban “r & r” with family. I made some simmered apple cider which we spiked with some brandy and relaxed by the fire. I hope you lay back and enjoy it as well…

~slice oranges, insert cloves into each orange segment, add a few teaspoons of brown sugar and some cinnamon sticks, let simmer. add some brandy to a glass mug and fill with the cider (recipe courtesy of my boyfriends cousin, Christina)~

~sit back, relax and enjoy~


Spiked Apple Cider… by Gloria

In my first post ever (here), I posted about this very recipe- spiked apple cider. So, now that the weather has officially turned super chilly in NY, I thought it fitting to to share with you (once again!) my all time favorite wintertime warmer. This simmering cider fills the air with the most inviting scent and paired with cloves, orange slices, cinnamon, brown sugar and brandy (of course!) it is just the thing for those wintery NY nights. I hope you enjoy!